5 Of The Best Things About Being Physically Disabled

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  1. If you go to a specialty medical center, your doctor and the entire staff may know you and care about you. You may care about them too!

  2. The disabled parking pass. We would all gladly give up the pass to be properly abled again, but since that's not an option, it is a nice benefit that can literally help use do the things we need to do. I very much need it and very much appreciate it!

  3. Having a physical disability causes a lot of normal tasks to feel more like exercise. If you can embrace this fact it can make you feel good that you're excellent at getting through your daily workout, which to other people is just normal life.

  4. If you're grumpy it's okay. I love being grumpy, and I won't apologize for it. Sorry, not sorry.

  5. Sometimes on really hard days you can make the day better with ice cream. Then you can say you're so glad to have that ice cream because it saved your life. Is it stress eating or heroism? It's ice cream!

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