Ceramic Pumpkins With Candles, Exercise, Cooking Breakfast, And Showers With Multiple Sclerosis

YouTube Video

I share the ceramic pumpkins that my mom gave me. I'm trying to make my YouTube videos more visually interesting. I put candles in the pumpkins and nearly lit my house on fire because the matches were old and hard to light.

It's difficult to get the correct amount of exercise when you have multiple sclerosis. Strength exercises sometimes help me feel better.

Cooking breakfast is exercise, and often is way too much exercise. I'm cooking more during the quarantine and that wears my body out. I used to eat breakfast every day at McDonald's. Going out to eat is a lot easier than cooking.

I need to change my behaviors to make life easier. I started taking showers at night instead of in the morning because they are so tiring.

Having multiple sclerosis makes you very thankful for the things you have. I'm very thankful that I have a caring mom and that I don't require a wheelchair.

I don't want to be a press release for drug companies. I want these videos to be of service to my viewers, and making them also feels like therapy to me.

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