I Had Very Minor Additional Health Issues Today. It Made Me Think About #BeingDisabledDoesDefineMe

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I've been having some digestive issues recently. I may have caught a very minor bug and it interfered with my day today because I needed 3 hours of naps.

When I woke up from the last nap I felt a whole lot better and was able to accomplish some important life tasks.

But taking three hours out of your day means that you have to triage and adjust.

This is the logical basis of the new movement hashtag #BeingDisabledDoesDefineMe

Today's additional disability was temporary and something everyone experiences occasionally but Multiple Sclerosis does something similar to me every day.

People who have MS are very often forced to triage and make alternative choices every single day.

For some this is quite disruptive and often has seriously negative consequences.

So let's just talk about it and help grow everyone's understanding and hopefully make the world a better place for people with disabilities.

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