I Have Multiple Sclerosis. I'm Losing Weight To Help With Walking, Confidence, YouTube, and Business

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I Have Multiple Sclerosis And I Decided To Lose Weight To Help With Walking, Confidence, YouTube, and Professional Reasons

Most of us love food. And food can really help us deal with some of the stress that comes with MS.

But food also causes a lot of sadness.

I'm going to talk about my situation in this video, but please share your feelings in the comments below.

I recently decided to start losing weight because the downside of food was greatly exceeding the upside.

Walking is noticeably easier and more comfortable for me with every single pound I lose.

When I look better I feel better, my confidence goes up, and I feel better in social situations.

Often MS brings me down and I want to take advantage of anything I can do to help but sometimes I'm too low to act.

It can be hard to break out of negative issues when I feel low in hope.

There is a harsh Hollywood-style truth that if you look better on YouTube you do better on YouTube.

There is also a harsh business truth that if you look better in business you do better in business.

At this point I really need those benefits so I'm taking my weight loss journey very seriously.

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