Multiple Sclerosis: My Ocrevus Copay and University of Washington Medical Center Billing Drama!

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In this video I tell you about some drama that happened to me recently with the billing for my first Ocrevus infusion this year and the Ocrevus Copay program. It ended well, but the story may help some of you if you're having similar issues.

I also tell you about my financial situation and how I'm working on a business deal with a large company. That is also drama, but both terrifying and exciting at the same time.

I end by saying that if you have MS I will follow you on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, just send me a message an let me know you exist!


00:00 Introduction 00:42 Ocrevus Copay Billing Drama 07:43 Business Deal Drama 12:24 I'll Follow You On Social Media 13:22 Sign Off


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